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Green packaging solutions

ID товара:   13033

Авторы: Miguel Abellan  

Издательство: Monsa
Язык: Английский  
Обложка: Твёрдая
Год издания: 2016

ISBN:   978-84-16500-37-6
К-во страниц: 192 стр.
Размер: 230x180x15
Масса: 825 грамм

Global responsibility and commitment to the environment means the pressure is on to seek environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to combat mounting environmental degradation.

The importance of recyclable packaging is clearly recognised by all market sectors; either because the product itself is natural and eco-friendly or manufacturers wish to draw attention to the essence of the product, demonstrating commitment to environmental protection through company products.

The interest shown by designers in this field of packaging is clearly demonstrated by the outcome of numerous remarkable projects.

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