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Living in Japan

ID товара:   13424

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Авторы: Angelika Taschen  Alex Kerr  Kathy Arlyn Sokol  

Серия: Bibliotheca Universalis
Издательство: Taschen
Язык: Английский  Немецкий  Французский  
Обложка: Твердая, Суперобложка
Год издания: 2018

ISBN:   978-3-8365-6631-5
К-во страниц: 512 стр.
Размер: 195x140 x39
Масса: 1200 грамм

Carefully manicured gardens, sliding screens, and warm natural materials: Japanese homes are refuges of tranquility, crafted in a unique domestic aesthetic of Eastern minimalism. Traditional architecture features alongside cutting-edge contemporary dwellings in this collection of homes, with many never-before-seen photographs. Turn to the rising sun and discover the fluid simplicity of these spaces where Zen philosophy breathes.

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