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Frida Kahlo Masterpieces of Art

ID товара:   13835

800 грн

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Авторы: Julian Beecroft  

Серия: Masterpieces of Art
Издательство: Flame Tree
Язык: Английский  
Обложка: Твердая, Суперобложка
Год издания: 2017

ISBN:   9781786644824
К-во страниц: 128 стр.
Размер: 231x203x20
Масса: 750 грамм

The painful, exquisite art of Mexico’s favourite artist was a product of immense physical pain, and an emotional tumultuous life. The new book features the range and power of her heavily autobiographical work, from the early, disturbing explorations of personal suffering to the more dulled, painkiller-drenched paintings of her later life.

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