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Egon Schiele Drawings & Watercolours

ID товара:   13957

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Авторы: Jane Kallir  

Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Язык: Английский  
Обложка: Твердая, Суперобложка
Год издания: 2015

ISBN:   9780500511169
К-во страниц: 496 стр.
Размер: 229x152x45
Масса: 1300 грамм

Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele produced a prolific body of work before his early death at the age of twenty-eight in the flu epidemic of 1918. As well as a few hundred oil paintings, he created nearly 3,000 drawings and watercolours. Limited access to these fragile works and dispersion among several collections have made a comprehensive survey of his work a rarity. This volume assembles this master draughtsman's works on paper, providing a unique opportunity to study his rapid artistic development over the course of his brief twelve years of activity. Jane Kallir, the author of Schiele’s catalogue raisonné, introduces each year of the artist’s output, discussing his step-by-step progression from child prodigy to master of the human form and expression.

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