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Photography Inspirations: The World Is the Human's Project ( Уценка )

ID товара:   247

600 грн

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Авторы: Feyyaz  Steve Davis  

Издательство: Daab
Язык: Английский  
Год издания: 2006

ISBN:   978-3-937718-82-8
К-во страниц: 697 стр.
Размер: 312x312x75
Масса: 6033 грамм

As part of the "Inspiration Books" series, this work examines contemporary photography. The result, a 700-page thick photographic volume subtitled "The World is the Human's Project", was produced in cooperation with the visual solution provider Corbis. It is a compact collection of artistic imagery that pays special attention to the diversity, beauty, vitality and madness of everyday human situations and actions while portraying a pulsating society whose characteristics are determined by the personal attitude, bearing and responsibility of each and every individual. "We are what we see and think in the face of a fleeting moment - Thus, the way we act, in the consequence of our own bearing, eternally." Following the maxim "Give me a few frames and I'll make a film out of it", this book project combines various forms of expressions such as image (photographic material) and text (statements) through certain cinematic means (story/plot) to produce an exciting and emotional photographic book.

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