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Surprise Visitors

ID товара:   7954

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Авторы: Heather Amery  
Иллюстраторы: Stephen Cartwright  

Серия: Farmyard Tales stories
Издательство: Usborne
Язык: Английский  
Обложка: Мягкая
Год издания: 2005

ISBN:   978074606323-1
К-во страниц: 16 стр.
Размер: 150x150x2
Масса: 34 грамм

- Who are the surprise visitors causing a disturbance at Apple Tree Farm? - Young children will love finding out what happens in this charming short story, specially written for new readers. - Available as a mini paperback, or as an ebook with audio. (Please note the Kindle Fire has easy to follow pop-up text but no audio.) 2+

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