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    ID товара:   12714

    880 грн

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    Видавництво: Thames & Hudson
    Мова: Англійська  
    Обкладинка: М'яка
    Рік видання: 2007

    ISBN:   978-0-500-28676-0
    К-ть сторінок: 224 стр.
    Розмір: 227x150x19
    Маса: 500 грам

    For more than four decades, Linda Nochlin has been at the forefront of the feminist critique of art history, playing a pivotal role in shaping the course of the discipline. Since completing a doctorate on Gustave Courbet in the early 1960s, she has devoted herself to a lifelong study of the artist, arguably the most radical of all nineteenth-century painters and one of the fathers of modern art.

    Now, in this extraordinary volume, Nochlin presents her complete writings on Courbet’s work. Every aspect of his œuvre – from his vast realist depictions of provincial French life, allegorical works and paint-encrusted landscapes to his dark, brooding portraits, sensual nudes and earthy still lifes – comes under her scrutiny.

    In a specially written introduction, Nochlin considers Courbet’s lasting impact not only on later painting but also on the practice of art history itself. With essays spanning forty years, Courbet is much more than a monograph on a single artist. It is also the story of the intellectual development of one of our leading writers on the visual arts.

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