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  • Night Fever 5

    ID товара:   16501

    2600 грн

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    Видавництво: Frame Publishers
    Мова: Англійська  
    Обкладинка: Тверда
    Рік видання: 2017

    ISBN:   9789491727993
    К-ть сторінок: 496 стр.
    Розмір: 297x226x0
    Маса: 2630 грам

    Night Fever 5 takes a grand global tour of the best in hospitality design. It showcases 130 recent and extraordinary interiors and delves into the design concepts for some of the world's top destinations to drink, dine, and dream. Readers discover how initial design ideas transform and develop as the tantalizing spaces are realized.

    This book is the definitive title to feature all hospitality venue types (bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, and hotels), while other competitive titles only focus on one or two individual sectors per publication.

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