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Guarda la Fotografia - Filip Naudts

Guarda la Fotografia - Filip Naudts

Guarda la Fotografia - Filip Naudts

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  • ID: 16015
  • ISBN: 978-90-5856-449-8
  • Авторы: Filip Naudts  
  • Издательство: Stichting Kunstboek
  • Язык: Английский
  • Обложка: Твёрдая
  • Размер: 174x240x0
  • К-во страниц: 192
  • Масса: 860 грамм
  • Год издания: 2014
  ₴ 1050  


Filip Naudts (1968) began his career working for the Belgian national television and press in 1992. The following year, he was employed by the Antwerp Fotomuseum, where he remained until 2002. In 1993 he founded his own photo studio Guarda La Fotografia, where he quickly developed his own poetic style, often referring to the portrait paintings of the Flemish primitives. From 2002 to 2006 he was photo editor of the Dutch professional photo magazine Foto. In 2006 he started his career as a full-time freelance photographer. A landmark moment in his photographic career was a solo exhibition of his work in the National Technical Museum in Prague (2000). His work has been published in magazines both nationally and internationally. Filip Naudts is probably one of the most compelling, thought-provoking photographing artists of his country and generation. Fascinated by portraying beauty and at the same time, by adding a small humorous often surreal element to the image, showing the relativity of beauty.


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