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Greek and Roman Art

Greek and Roman Art

Greek and Roman Art

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  • ID: 16393
  • ISBN: 9780500295250
  • Авторы: Susan Woodford  
  • Издательство: Thames & Hudson
  • Язык: Английский
  • Обложка: Мягкая
  • Размер: 138x216x17
  • К-во страниц: 176
  • Масса: 410 грамм
  • Год издания: 2020
  ₴ 650  
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A fascinating and accessible introduction to the art of ancient Greece and Rome. For everyone from casual museumgoers to students.

For more than two thousand years the art of Greece and Rome has been hugely influential throughout the Western world. This book recaptures the passion and inspiration that first drove ancient artists to create the art that continues to captivate us to this day. It traces the daring innovations of those who, defying traditional wisdom, explored new ideas; it describes the noble struggles of sculptors and painters to portray both the complexities of the human form and the richness of human emotions.

In Greek and Roman Art, classical art expert Susan Woodford illuminates the achievements of classical art and architecture in a concise, coherent breakdown of styles from Archaic Greece to the Roman Empire. Intelligent, clear, and compelling, this indispensable guide gives readers all the information they need to approach ancient art with confidence.

85 color illustrations


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